Design is a critical factor in the long-term success of any disc golf course. The designer starts by recommending an ideal location for a course, taking into account terrain, unique features, and other park activities. A qualified designer will then produce an overall layout, set the hole lengths, and determine the pars – all based on what’s best for your site and player base. The skilled course designer will then maximize your disc golf investment within the constraints you establish.

As a rule of thumb, an acre per hole is a good estimate, but the more land you have available, the better your course can be. If you have a choice of areas, look for some of the features that always enhance a course: mature trees, changes in elevation, creeks, and ponds. Whenever possible, put your course in an area away from other activities and structures.

A qualified professional designer can help you pick the best place to put your course. Using the best features of your property, the designer will then create a playing experience that is challenging, fun, safe, and fair.

Building a Disc Golf Course budget is no easy task.  I'm not sure what you have in your budget for design services but I can tell you that those dollars will be the best spent dollars over the lifetime of the course in terms of safety, attractiveness, and desire to return again and again for the playing experience. Design services are often the last component in the budget. MOODGolf would happy to work within your means if we can have an open and honest conversation about what you are looking for and can afford.  Please contact us with your questions, comments and interest in the course design services we can provide. 

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